PTFE Coating Machines

Combined ID OD Spray Machine

This machine has the capability to function both - Coating outside surface of the metallic component as well as coating inside surface of the metallic component. This machine thus provides flexibility to our customers who would like to have Inner Diameter as well as Outer Diameter spraying at a single place. Ensures quality with air and liquid control; eliminates quality problems due to uneven application of the spray solution due to changes in spray pattern or drop size.


  • Pneumatically operated Spraying unit- 1no, with Gravity Feed Gun
  • Electrical motor operated job rotating unit
  • Motor, Clutch brake unit with Electric Control Panel with Drive & PLC mounted in machine enclosure
  • Both ID and OD can be sprayed by manual shifting of gun.
  • The thickness of 6 to 8 microns can be achieved in a single pass/coat
  • Product Parameters:

    1 Inner Diameter Spraying Area 25mm to 250mm
    2 Outer Diameter Spraying Area 25mm x 180mm - 240mm to 200mm x 250mm
    3 Electrical Power Supply 415V AC, 50Hz,2Kw
    4 Pneumatic Air Supply 4-6 bar
    5 Spray Length 180 mm
    6 RD gun 1
    7 Electrical Motor Load Capacity 22 Kg
    8 SS Containers 2 No. 9 liter
    9 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 7

    Drum Coating Machine

    • This machine is specially designed for coating of drums with variable diameters, which comes with highly atomized and advanced features such as spray guns and speed adjustments also with baffle. This machine is designed to apply adhesive viz. Chemlok/Paint by coating Method on metal components before moulding. The blowers are the added advantage in this machine.


  • Frame Assembly with M.S. Covers and Doors (Powder Coated).
  • Specially Designed Drum to load and rotate the components
  • Reputed make Auto Spray gun.
  • Baffles are provided in the Drum to ensure that the components and adhesive is mixing properly.
  • Motorized drum rotation system coupled with VFD for speed adjustments.
  • Manual adjustment for setting the drum angle.
  • HVLP reputed make spray gun for precise spraying of adhesive.
  • Separately mounted pressure feed tank of 9-liter capacity with electric stirrer system.
  • PLC based control Panel with intelligence features.
  • Cyclic Heating Blower and Suction Blower is provided
  • Components will be coated from all sides (suitable for Oil seals).
  • Operator must load and unload the component manually.
  • Product Parameters:

    1 Drum Capacity 10kg/20kg
    2 Electrical Power Supply 415V AC, 50Hz, 6Kw
    3 Pneumatic Air Supply 4-6 bar
    4 Pressure feed auto gun 1 (Iwata Make)
    5 Pressure feed tank 9 Liters
    6 Drum Rotation Speed 9 to 30 rpm
    6 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 10

    Single Station Conveyorised X-Y axis Machine

    • This machine is designed to apply adhesive viz. Chemlok on metal components before molding. This automated machines for spraying primer & adhesive onto the metal components are capable of handling different metal components. Heating and spraying sequence is also present to ensure good production rate. The conveyor chain provides more strength and stability in the overall process. The machine has a good accuracy with great consistency without hampering the quality of work.


  • 1 no of pneumatically operated Spraying units for either Primer or Final coat. Pneumatic cylinder will be used for gun movement.
  • For Flat Components the spraying area will be 600mm X 600mm
  • The thickness of 6 to 8 microns can be achieved in a single pass/coat.
  • PLC based control panel
  • One type of Pallet for Carrying job loaded fixture as per specifications supplied by customer for one size of jobs
  • 9 lit. Gravity feed Chemlok containers (1 no) will be provided.
  • Product Parameters:

    1 Spraying Area 600X600 mm
    2 Pressure feed auto gun 1 (Iwata Make)
    3 Electrical Power Supply 415V AC, 50Hz, 2Kw
    4 Pneumatic Air Supply 4-6 bar
    5 SS Chemlok containers 1 (9 liters)
    6 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 13