Testing Machine

Universal Static Load Testing Machine

  • This test rig very precisely tells the resulted or obtained deflection over the application of some quantifiable load. This system is designed to carry out load v/s deflection measurement of different materials like bellows, springs etc. It tells the state of deformation of a Workpiece from its original shape under the work of a force or load or weight.
  • This system is designed to carry out load v/s deflection measurement of different materials like bellows, springs etc.
  • It tells the state of deformation of a Workpiece from its original shape under the work of a force or load or weight.


  • The complete setup is fitted on a strong and sturdy fabricated frame structure made of square pipes and plates.
  • a. Overall size 0.8meter x 0.5meter x 0.8meter height.
  • Two hard chrome plated rods of 40mm, @ 0.6meter length are provided with top and bottom plate.
  • Two additional plates with linear bearings are provided to more up/down using hard chrome bars as guide.
  • Bottom plate is fixed to a screw and nut arrangement for moving the plate up/down using a geared motor. Suitable component holding fixture is provided.
  • A 0.5 HP geared motor with 50 RPM output speed along with variable drive is used to move the plate at set speeds.
  • The upper plate is fixed to another screw and nut arrangement with hand wheel for adjusting height of upper plate depending upon test component height.
  • A universal load cell of 500 kg capacity is fixed to upper plate for load measurement.
  • a. Capacity: 1ton, 1.5-ton, 10 ton.
  • A wire rope type linear displacement sensor is provided for measuring the deflection of the test component.
  • a. Range: 0 – 300mm. b. Least count: 0.1 mm.

    Product Parameters:

    1 Overall size 0.8meter x 0.5meter x 0.8meter height
    2 Electrical Power Supply 415V, 50Hz,3Kw
    3 Geared motor 0.5 HP, 50 RPM output speed
    4 Universal load cell Capacity: 500kg, Least count: 0.1kg
    4 linear displacement sensor Range: 0 – 300mm, Least count: 0.1 mm
    4 variable frequency drive 0.5 HP

    Bond Testing Machine

    • This machine is designed to test the bond of various bushes after the moulding process. Attractive pneumatically operated machine which gives precise results, also provides proof load testing due to presence of pressure gauges.


  • Pneumatic Operated Testing Process
  • Manual mode operation of testing
  • Pneumatic Operated OK Marking system
  • Accommodates different types of components up to 70 mm diameter.
  • Glass mirror for Visual inspection with Light source.
  • Pressure Gauge for proof load testing.
  • Adjustable proof load.
  • Optional Digital Load Indicator & Load Cell
  • Product Parameters:

    1 Cylinder Size Diameter150mm X Stroke75mm
    2 Testing Capacity 1 Ton , 5 Ton
    3 Electrical Power Supply 230V AC, 50Hz
    4 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 2

    Endurance Test rig for bellows

    • This test set up is designed to conduct Endurance Testing of Rubber Bushes used in vehicle suspensions for repeated radial fatigue loads Following Tests can be conducted on the machine
    • i) Radial fatigue test up to 1000 kg load and 5 HZ frequency.
      ii) Static axial loading arrangement up to 1000 kg.
    • .


  • Bush mounting fixture provided with roller guide split mounting plate to accommodate bush sizes from Φ 25 mm to Φ 70 mm and length 40 to 70 mm
  • Radial loading arrangement comprises ofi) Geared motor 5 HP, 1440 rpm with variable speed drive to achieve frequency of 5 Hz max.
  • ii) Belt and pulley drive to intermediate bearing block.
    iii) Eccentric mechanism with guide rods liner bearings and roller guide loading
    lever. Adjustable eccentricity up to 20 mm max to achieve 1000 kg load.
    iv) Load cell and microprocessor-based load indicator to measure facility
    load exerted on test bush with presetting.
    v) Preset counter 6 digit.
  • Axial loading arrangement in static condition with screw and nut from both sides of bush using hand wheel. Load measurement by microprocessor based digital load indicator and load cell Range- 1000 Kg with presetting facility.
  • Rigid fabricated frame structure made of channels and plates to provide sufficient rigidity to the machine.
  • Electrical control panel to accommodate all the indicators and Controls.
  • Digital Linear displacement indicator with LV.D.T Sensor. Range – 0 -20 mm. Least Count -0.1 mm.
  • Facility of Plotting Load v/s deflection Characteristics of rubber bush in static condition is also provided on the machine.

  • Hydro mount Oil Filling & Ball Pressing machine

    TThis machine primarily serves two purposes namely Oil filling and Ball pressing. It has two stations for the operations, first one for Oil filling which is specially designed for the specific purpose while second station is for Ball pressing. Smooth operation is taken care by the timer present in the system.


  • Powder Coated MS fabricated Structure.
  • Specially Designed system for vacuum Creation as well as OIL Filling.
  • Separate timer for Vacuum generation and oil filling.
  • 1st Station for Vacuum Generation and Oil Filling
  • 2nd Station for Ball Pressing.
  • Product Parameter:

    1 Vacuum Pump 700 mm of Hg of Vacuum
    2 Electrical Power Supply 415V AC, 50Hz, 3Kw
    3 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 2

    Impact and Durability Test rig

    • This test ensures us about the toughness of the PU Bump stopper as material's toughness is a factor of its ability to absorb energy during plastic deformation. This setup is designed to carry out durability test of PU bump stopper used in automobile applications. Facility of impact durability test is also provided by changing stroke to 60mm. In short Impact Testing of metals is performed to determine the impact resistance or toughness of materials by calculating the amount of energy absorbed during fracture.


  • Total setup is mounted on a strong and sturdy fabricated frame structure made out of M.S square tubes and plates.
  • a. Overall size: 0.8m x 0.6m x 1.5m height.
  • The stroking mechanism comprises of:
  • a. 5 HP eared motor with 120RPM output speed provided with VFD.
    b. Intermediate bearing block with eccentric one side and geared motor coupling on other side.
    c. Eccentric mechanism with manual adjusting screw and locking arrangement.
    d. Range: 0 – 30mm (Total stroke up to 60mm) for bump stopper impact and durability test.
    e. Range: 0 – 90mm (total stroke to 180mm) for Dust cover durability test.
    f. Connecting rod with hard chrome shaft and linear bearings to transmit motion to test component.
  • For Bump Stopper Testing:
  • a. Two jaw chucks for holding the stroking fixtures for the test component with central guide rod.
    b. Top plate supported in tow hard chrome plated rods.
    c. Bottom moving plate fitted to eccentric mechanism provided with two linear bearing guides for proper vertical movement.
  • For Dust Cover Durability Testing:
  • a. Adjustment in eccentric mechanism for setting stroke up to 175mm.
    b. Two guide bars for uniform movement with test component bottom clamping arrangement.
    c. Adjustable top plate with top clamping fixture for test component.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • a. M.S control panel duly powder coated.
    b. Digital speed frequency indicator - Range: 0 – 120 RPM or 2 Hz.
    c. Digital cycle counter - Range: 6 digits adjustable.
  • Other electrical accessories such as Contactors, MCCB, Push buttons, indicators lamps etc.
  • Product Parameters:

    1 Overall size 0.8meter x 0.5meter x 0.8meter height
    2 Electrical Power Supply 415V, 50Hz,6Kw
    3 Pneumatic Air Supply 4-6 bar
    4 Capacity 500 Kg

    Servo Hydraulic fatigue testing machine

    Servo Hydraulic Fatigue Test Machine has been designed for various fatigue tests on different materials such as plastic, rubber, steel, fibre and more. Fatigue tests can be carried using this machine with high frequency and accuracy. The Fatigue test system is used in the steel, plastic, medical, automobile, furniture and many other industries.


  • Moog two stage dynamic servo valve with high flow rate and high step response
  • Doli LCD remote control console with emergency stop button
  • Doli Test & Motion Software with Dyna Pack or Moog Test Software for all dynamic tests
  • Accumulators for the best dynamic performance
  • Different stroke range available on request.
  • Double acting, low-friction piston
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical grips available on request
  • High quality Moog and Doli components are manufactured in Germany, MTS sensors in the USA.
  • Product Parameter:

    1 Dynamic controller 5kHz
    2 Test Software 10 kHz
    3 Electrical Power Supply 230V AC, 50Hz
    4 Fatigue-Rated load cell Accuracy - ±0.5%
    5 Piston stroke 300 mm
    5 Capacities 50kN-100kN-300kN-500kN

    Strut Bearing orbital durability test rig

    • This setup is designed to conduct orbital durability of strut bearing. For efficient constant loading Solenoid NLV valve circuit is provided, while it can bear loads up to 400N. It consists Air regulator for precise operation.


  • The total test set is mounted on a strong and sturdy fabricated frame structure made from M.S square tubes and plates. a. Overall size: 0.6m x 0.6m x 1.3m height.
  • Loading mechanism comprises ofa. Pneumatic cylinder 50mm Ø x 100mm stroke capable of generating 500N with air pressure. b. Precision air pressure regulator and solenoid valve NRV valve circuit for constant loading of test component. c. Other pneumatic accessories such as FRL unit, piping and fittings.
  • Oscillating mechanism comprises ofa. 0.5 HP, 60 RPM output speed geared motor. b. Timing belt drive for driving the screw. c. Bearing block with thrust bearing and oscillating of shaft. d. Test bearing mounting fixture. e. Adjustable eccentric mechanism fitted with connecting rod and pivoted plate fitted on vertical shaft.
  • f. For adjusting the oscillating angle, the eccentricity is to be changed manually.
  • Electrical control panel comprises ofa. M.S panel duly powder coated. b. Digital speed indicator - Range: 0 – 60 RPM. c. Digital cycle counter - Range: 6 digits. d. Variable frequency drives 0.5HP.
  • Other electrical accessories such as contactors, MCB, Push buttons, indicator lamps etc.
  • Product Parameters:

    1 Overall size 0.8meter x 0.5meter x 0.8meter height
    2 Electrical Power Supply 415V, 50Hz,2Kw
    3 Capacity 500 Kg
    4 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) 2

    Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

    • Universal Testing Machines are high-capacity systems with single test space and suitable for tensile, compression, flexure tests on a wide range of different materials such as round, flat and profile specimens for quality control, product development, research or process development. Testing systems for brittle materials such steel or fasteners requires high stiffness load frames that minimize the amount of deformation energy that is stored in the frame.


  • Rigid 4 columns construction providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and precision alignment.
  • Closed-loop servo controlled hydraulic power pack for accurate test control.
  • High speed electronic control and data acquisition unit for accurate test results.
  • Multifunctional Remote-Control Handset for fast test setup and testing
  • Single test space design with convenient vertical testing clearance.
  • Double acting servo-actuator mounted on top of the crossbeam
  • Actuator with anti-rotation system to prevent the natural tendecy of the actuator to rotate.
  • Long piston stroke for the most convenient and easy adjustment and testing of different sample lengths.
  • Digital displacement transducer for the best positioning and measuring accuracy.
  • Easy calibration procedure.
  • Chrome plated columns for easy cleaning and longest life.
  • Hydraulic Wedge Actions Grips.
  • Grip control system mounted on the frame.
  • Compression platens or bending devices may be fixed directly into wedge grips.
  • Limit switch on the piston as well as the safety limit valves on the hydraulic system.

    Product Parameters:

    1 Pump delivery 5 litre/minute, 280 bar 3 kW motor rate
    2 Loading-unloading ± 0,5% rate accuracy
    3 Electrical Power Supply 230V AC, 50Hz
    4 LCD display 240 X 320 pixel
    4 Resolution (μm) 1 or 0.1
    4 Operating Temperature Range (0C) 0-50
    4 Indication Error (μm) 1.5
    4 Positioning Distance (mm) 190