Component Handling System

Direct Heaters

Pallet Handling Conveyors:

  • Pallet handling conveyors are systems designed to move and handle pallets as well as other heavy-duty loads along conveyor belts, chains, skate wheels, or rollers.
  • These systems maximize floor space and minimize load handling by carefully moving large and heavy products safely and efficiently.
  • Pallet handling conveyors have the strength and versatility to work efficiently in a wide variety of applications.
  • Pallets can be passed though process cycle and its robustness isuseful for part handling in heaters, dryers, spraying stations.
  • Pallets give us flexibility to start stop at various operating locations, inspection etc activities.


1 Roller Material MS
2 Length 1-10 meter
3 Capacity Up to 150 kg
4 Usage/Application Material Handling

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  • A conveyor system is used as a standard piece of mechanical handling equipment to move goods, products, raw goods, and other materials.
  • The painting type of conveyor contains specially designed attachments to carry the different types of part or part families.
  • Chain based conveyors are the robust and durable.


1 Length 1-10 meters
2 Driven Type Electric
3 Type Flexible Conveyors
4 Material Mild Steel
5 Capacity Varies
6 Carrier Design As per the customer part


  • New industry demands for material handing provides urge of an innovative Automatic/Rail Guided Vehicle (AGV/RGV) systems.
  • Summit is proving in this technology for flexible and advanced navigation systems and provides a reliable performance in automated material movement.
  • Our designs can be utilised to for the cyclic transfer systems for higher productivity in efficient manner.


  • Fast, flexible and easily installed for material transport.
  • Efficient automatic controlled material flow
  • Combination with various navigation
  • Simplified layout with controlled distribution
  • Frequent updates of vehicle position & short dead reckoning distances.
  • Independent operation of vehicle by individual controller
  • Minimize potential injuries for employee.
  • Specifications

    1 Usage/Application Handling raw materials, Automotive, Warehousing
    2 Vehicle Path Fixed, Variable
    3 Guided System Inertially Guided Systems, Wire Guided Systems, Rail guided
    4 Capacity (Kg) 10-200 kg
    5 Power Supply AC, DC, motorised
    6 Input Power AC, DC, electrical

    Indexing System

    • This machine series will dramatically boost productivity, while lowering production costs.
    • Rotary Indexing Machine– Typically the most efficient way to get high production volumes and to produce parts at a high speed is to use a rotary or linear indexing machine. Whether it is a rotary indexing dial or a linear power and free conveyor,
    • simultaneous actions on several parts the cycle time is reduced.
      We design and build a machine that allows you to assemble complex parts at a faster rate.
      We develop Indexing SPM (Linear or Rotary) as per customer’s process requirement.
      Our developed Indexing SPM (Linear or Rotary) can be- Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic.
      Have combinations of hydraulic pneumatic systems.
      Smart PLC controlled

    • Semi-Automatic indexing machines are best suited for lower volume and/or oddly shaped assemblies where automatic parts feeders would not be cost effective. A semi-automatic machine can also be designed as a base machine for a fully automated assembly where product volume is expected to rise in the future.
    • Fully automatic machines are best for higher volume products which would benefit from reduced labour costs. They are also a good option for assembly in line with moulding operations.


    1 Frame Doors and Covers MS (powder Coated)
    2 Power Operated Electrically
    3 No. of Job Fixtures 24-30
    4 No of spraying station 2 (pneumatically operated)
    5 Control panel type PLC with HMI, Variable Frequency drive
    6 Hot air blowing system 3 (3kw each), temperature control, circulation fan
    7 Cycle time 5-6 sec
    8 Pressure feed tank 2 (9 liters each)
    9 Exhaust canopy Yes (no blower)
    10 Loading/unloading type manual