Fluid Preparation and Handling Systems

Spray Guns (Auto and Manual)

  • We provide Compact size HVLP automatic spray gun which is suitable for automated painting equipment and tools, reciprocators, or robotic painting.
  • These guns used in mass production spray application in wide range of industries like Painting, Pharmaceutical, dyestuff coating, Oil, Lubricating, Food industry, Rubber solution spray, Textile spray, water-based materials/paints. Etc
  • Guns to be used with water borne and solvent based products.
  • easy installation


  • robust construction,
  • minimum maintenance,
  • offers multiple mounting and spraying options,
  • perfect finish, corrosion resistance, high performance, dimensional accuracy
  • compact designs, and durability.
  • Technical Features:

    1 Max. pressure 4 Kgf/cm2
    2 Standard Nozzle 1.00-5.00 mm
    3 Air consumption 50 CFM.

    Spray Pumps (Diaphragm Pump)

    • To achieve best coating, we recommend the use of the air operated Diaphragm pumps.
    • It delivers constant fluid output. Diaphragm movement is minimal, reducing material supply pulsation and minimizing pump wear.
    • pump unit is suitable with air spray guns or HVLP spray guns in situations where continuous material supply is required.
    • Easy Handling and Installation.
    • Easy Maintenance.

    Suitable applications for medium to high volume manufacturing environment:

  • Woodwork and Furniture
  • Metal products and Machinery
  • Commercial and Marine
  • Plastic products
  • Technical Features:

    1 Product Diaphragm Pump
    2 Material of wetted part Aluminium /Stainless steel
    3 Adjustable pressure range 0-0.6 MPa
    4 Max Flow 2 L/min

    Fluid Tanks

    • We provide easy to use and easy to clean paint tank.
    • These are mainly made for storage of chemicals, and paints. Material used is Stainless Steel with holding capacity of 5L to 50L.
    • Easy installation.


  • Robust construction,
  • minimum maintenance,
  • perfect finish,
  • corrosion resistance,
  • high performance,
  • dimensional accuracy,
  • compact designs, and durability
  • Technical Features:

    1 Storage Capacity 10L to 50L
    2 Storage Material Chemicals
    3 Usage/Application Storage of Chemicals
    4 Material Stainless Steel
    5 Steel Grade SS304
    6 Finishing MATT
    7 Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

    Pressure Feed Tanks

    • Heavy duty commercial pressure pot resists tipping and is easy to clean with its polished MS or stainless-steel tank.
    • A centrally located handle mounted on the lid allows for one handed lid removal and easy moving of the entire pressure pot.
    • Increases productivity & coverage rate due to elimination of frequent filling of paint.
    • Reduced load on the painter.


  • Lightweight equipment for ease of handling.
  • lopping bottom to maximize the use of paint.
  • Paint suction pipe of SS duly polished for ease of cleaning.
  • Easy clamping to give uniform clamping pressure.
  • We also make 12/22/45 ltr Pressure Feed Tank in standard as well as in SS material.>
  • Technical Features:

    1 Storage Capacity 20 L
    2 Storage Material Chemicals, Paint
    3 Usage/Application Storage of Chemicals
    4 Material Stainless Steel
    5 Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

    Pneumatic Stirrer Systems

    • It is mounted on the Lid of Pressure Feed Tank, which rotates Blade, immersed inside paint container.
    • Optimum speed setting, which avoids settling of heavy paint particles at the bottom of Tank but also keep the temperature and thus maintain the viscosity.
    • This essentially provides homogeneous paint to the spray Gun.
    • Pneumatic stirrers are flame proof.

    Electric Stirrer System

    • The PMDC motor-based stirrer are sufficient to give the required agitation and keep the paint homogeneous.
    • Electrical motor ensures the continuous required toque for proper mixing of the paint.
    • Easy to control.


    1 Component Stirrer
    2 Power Source Electric / Pneumatic
    3 Usage/Application Storage of Chemicals
    4 Material Stainless Steel
    5 Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece