Control, Inspection and Data Logging System

Control Panels

  • We focus on simple, easy to use operator controls for our paint finishing system.
  • Integrated with solid PLC logic and flawless PLC hardware programming.
  • We are engaged in the designing and manufacturing of PLC and Automation Panels that that are widely appreciated for longer service life and high efficiency.
  • All panels are hard wiredand electrically controlled and used for various machines.


  • Separately mounted PLC based control panel including an alarm and display of errors.
  • For Motor speed control, VFD is provided in Control Panel.
  • All components used in control panel will be CE certified.
  • Enclosure will be duly wired, vermin and dust proof.
  • Panel with Incomer protection fuse, push button, indication lamps, relay boards.
  • Touchscreen operator interface or HMI for effective advanced machine control.
  • Password protected maintenance functions to keep advanced features and settings protected.
  • Recipe management systems to simplify system settings management.
  • Data Logging

    • Data acquisition or Data logging, is the process of digitising data from industrial equipment or environments (like buildings) so it can be displayed, analysed and stored in a computer, PLC, server or cloud environment.
    • PLC Data logging is the process of gathering data from machines and connected devices (sensors) for analysis.
    • Data logging or acquisition software/systems for PLCs can be used to collect various types of machine or building information including vibrations, temperatures, load deflection, electrical currents, voltage, sound frequencies and pressure measurements.
    • The activity of machines and peripheral devices can generate large quantities of data, and some of the generated data may be useful for service, condition monitoring or optimization purposes.

    Data Logging Features:

  • Data logger comes as a ready to use setup with pre-defined configuration which aids the users initiate data logging immediately.
  • To reduce unwanted complications in handling, Data logger has a single button to start/stop and to know the current status of data logging with the help of LED indications.
  • Trend charts and failure mode pare to analysis reduced troubleshooting time.
  • Quality parameters from PLC were captured and pictured.
  • Measures different input signals: temperature with thermocouples, RTDs, dc/ac volts, 2- and 4-wire resistance, frequency and period, dc/ac current, and capacitance
  • Choice of USB, LAN interfaces for easy connectivity to your PC
  • Graphical Web interface for point and click monitor and control.
  • USB flash drive support to copy/log data in standalone applications.
  • Generated customized reports for automated management reporting.
  • Automated PDF Report with all details
  • Vision system

    • Vision System is designed for fast efficient operation at every stage from image capture to data output.
    • The vision systems are specifically intended for seamless integration with PLCs, motion controllers and robotic control systems, applications in high-speed manufacturing machines of all types.
    • A complete line-up of cameras for various applications.
    • Powerful controllers for fast and precise inspection and measurement.
    • Software for easy setting of various measurements.
    • Summit has successfully integrated a wide range of sensor technologies that become cost effective applied measurement solutions.
    • These technologies include gauging, width, length, diameter, thickness, vision inspection systems, consist of several components that are common to most systems. These components of machine vision systems typically include the following five elements:
    • The lighting system
      The optical system or lens
      The sensor
      The vision processing system
      The communications system

    • Machine vision systems can be comprised of discrete elements or may be integrated together into one unit such as a smart camera.


  • the use of machine vision to provide quality inspection.
  • Tolerance monitoring
  • Component Measurement
  • Color identification
  • Lighting system
  • Vision tracking system