Summit Engineers

Testing Machine

Bond Testing Machine

  • This machine is designed to test the bond of various bushes after the molding process.
  • Attractive pneumatically operated machine which gives precise results, also provides proof load testing due to presence of pressure gauges.
  • Features:
  1. Pneumatic Operated Testing Process
  2. Manual mode operation of testing
  3. Pneumatic Operated OK Marking system
  4. Accommodates different types of components up to 70mmdiameter.
  5. Glass mirror for Visual inspection with Light source.
  6. Pressure Gauge for proof load testing.
  7. Adjustable proof load.

Endurance Test rig for bellows

  • Endurance testing helps to check system performance under specific load conditions over an extended or longer amount of time.
  • This test rig is designed to carry out endurance testing of bellows under simulated conditions of reciprocation and oscillation at different frequency values.
  • It is basically done to discover how the system behaves under sustained use. It is non-functional testing and falls under types of Performance testing.
  • Features:
  1. Preset counter: 02 numbers.
  2. Display: LED
  3. Setting: with the help of thumbwheels externally.
  4. Range: 0 - 999999.
  5. Electrical control panel with push buttons, indicators lamps etc.

Impact and Durability Test rig

  • This test ensures us about the toughness of the PU Bump stopper as material's toughness is a factor of its ability to absorb energy during plastic deformation.
  • This setup is designed to carry out durability test of PU bump stopper used in automobile applications.
  • Testing of metals is performed to determine the impact resistance or toughness of materials by calculating the amount of energy absorbed during fracture.
  • Features:
  1. Total setup is mounted on a strong and sturdy fabricated frame structure.
  2. The stroking mechanism comprises of:
    • Intermediate bearing block with eccentric one side and geared motor coupling on other side.
    • Eccentric mechanism with manual adjusting screw and locking arrangement.

Load Deflection Test rig

  • This test rig very precisely tells the resulted or obtained deflection over the application of some quantifiable load.
  • This system is designed to carry out load v/s deflection measurement of different materials like bellows, springs etc.
  • It tells the state of deformation of a Workpiece from its original shape under the work of a force or load or weight.
  • Features:
  1. The complete setup is fitted on a strong and sturdy fabricated frame structure.
  2. Suitable component holding fixture is provided.
  3. Electrical control panel with push buttons, indicators lamps etc.

Strut Bearing orbital durability test rig

  • This setup is designed to conduct orbital durability of strut bearing.
  • For efficient constant loading Solenoid NLV valve circuit is provided, while it can bear loads up to 400N.
  • It consists of Air regulator for precise operation.
  • Features:
  1. The total test set is mounted on a strong and sturdy fabricated frame structure.
  2. Loading mechanism comprises of-
    • Precision air pressure regulator and solenoid valve NRV valve circuit for constant loading of test component.
  1. Oscillating mechanism comprises of-
    • Timing belt drive for driving the screw.
    • Bearing block with thrust bearing and oscillating of shaft.
    • Test bearing mounting fixture.
    • Adjustable eccentric mechanism fitted with connecting rod and pivoted plate fitted on vertical shaft.
  1. buttons, indicators lamps etc.

Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

  • Universal Testing Machines are high-capacity systems with single test space and suitable for tensile, compression, flexure tests on a wide range of different materials such as round, flat and profile specimens for quality control, product development, research, or process development.
  • Testing systems for brittle materials such steel or fasteners requires high stiffness load frames that minimize the amount of deformation energy that is stored in the frame.
  • Features:
  1. Rigid 4 columns construction providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and precision alignment.
  2. Closed-loop servo controlled hydraulic power pack for accurate test control.
  3. High speed electronic control and data acquisition unit for accurate test results.