Summit Engineers

Component Handling System

Pallet Transfer

  • Pallet Handling Conveyors:
  1. Pallet handling conveyors are systems designed to move and handle pallets as well as other heavy-duty loads along conveyor belts, chains, skate wheels, or rollers.
  2. These systems maximize floor space and minimize load handling by carefully moving large and heavy products safely and efficiently.
  3. Pallet handling conveyors have the strength and versatility to work efficiently in a wide variety of applications.
  4. Pallets can be passed though process cycle and its robustness isuseful for part handling in heaters, dryers, spraying stations.
  5. Pallets give us flexibility to start stop at various operating locations, inspection etc activities.
  • Specifications
Roller Material MS
Length 1-10 meter
Capacity Up to 150 kg
Usage/Application Material Handling


  • A conveyor system is used as a standard piece of mechanical handling equipment to move goods, products, raw goods, and other materials.
  • The painting type of conveyor contains specially designed attachments to carry the different types of part or part families.
  • Chain based conveyors are the robust and durable.
  • Specification
Length1-10 meters
Driven TypeElectric
TypeFlexible Conveyors
MaterialMild Steel
Carrier DesignAs per the customer part


  • New industry demands for material handing provides urge of an innovative Automatic/Rail Guided Vehicle (AGV/RGV) systems.
  • Summit is proving in this technology for flexible and advanced navigation systems and provides a reliable performance in automated material movement.
  • Our designs can be utilised to for the cyclic transfer systems for higher productivity in efficient manner.
  • Benefits
  1. Fast, flexible and easily installed for material transport.
  2. Efficient automatic controlled material flow
  3. Combination with various navigation
  4. Simplified layout with controlled distribution
  5. Frequent updates of vehicle position & short dead reckoning distances.
  6. Independent operation of vehicle by individual controller
  7. Minimize potential injuries for employee.
  • Specifications
Usage/Application Handling raw materials, Automotive, Warehousing
Vehicle Path Fixed, Variable
Guided System Inertially Guided Systems, Wire Guided Systems, Rail guided
Capacity (Kg) 10-200 kg
Power Supply AC, DC, motorised
Input Power AC, DC, electrical

Indexing System

  • This machine series will dramatically boost productivity, while lowering production costs.
  • Rotary Indexing Machine– Typically the most efficient way to get high production volumes and to produce parts at a high speed is to use a rotary or linear indexing machine. Whether it is a rotary indexing dial or a linear power and free conveyor,
    1. simultaneous actions on several parts the cycle time is reduced.
    2. We design and build a machine that allows you to assemble complex parts at a faster rate.
    3. We develop Indexing SPM (Linear or Rotary) as per customer’s process requirement.
    4. Our developed Indexing SPM (Linear or Rotary) can be-
    5. Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic.
    6. Have combinations of hydraulic pneumatic systems.
    7. Smart PLC controlled
  • Semi-Automatic indexing machines are best suited for lower volume and/or oddly shaped assemblies where automatic parts feeders would not be cost effective. A semi-automatic machine can also be designed as a base machine for a fully automated assembly where product volume is expected to rise in the future.
  • Fully automatic machines are best for higher volume products which would benefit from reduced labour costs. They are also a good option for assembly in line with moulding operations.
  • Specifications:
Frame Doors and CoversMS (powder Coated)
Power OperatedElectrically
No. of Job Fixtures24-30
No of spraying station2 (pneumatically operated)
Control panel typePLC with HMI, Variable Frequency drive
Hot air blowing system3 (3kw each), temperature control, circulation fan
Cycle time5-6 sec
Pressure feed tank2 (9 liters each)
Loading/unloading typemanual
Exhaust canopyYes (no blower)